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Marconics- Multidimensional healing and karmic density release


MARCONICS-Multidimensional healing and karmic density release

Marconics is new frequency of transformative energy called MARCONICS, with instructions on how to develop a system that would help release humans from the density of their karmic creations in the SHIFT to becoming fully connected multi-dimensional beings.

In freeing yourself of your karmic creations and liberating your consciousness to a multidimensional state, you can better support yourself in assimilating the higher light frequencies hitting the planet. This enables you to become a better vibrational match for the Fifth dimensional energies (and higher) and those that may be in your charge. _ Marconics recalibration

The Marconics ‘No-Touch’ and recalibration multi dimensional healing and recalibration , higher frequency and higher self integration, we could help you! Call (484) 328 3288 for making your appointment with Poonam Mitra a certified Marconics Practioners



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