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Holistic and Wellness Center

Circle of Life Soul Center

Why us?

We are committed to supporting you in coming into complete balance and joy in your life.

Our Mission

At the Circle of Life Soul Center, we are inspired to promote, enhance, and facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellness; to create a sacred space for a connection to Mind, Body, and Spirit; and to empower those who seek a higher light and vibration. Let us help you rejuvenate and heal your soul and body!

Our certified Holistic practitioners work with your individual needs whether it's chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, headaches, tensions, stress, back pain, or injuries; enabling you to relax, restore, and heal your body to its natural state. This is accomplished by utilizing various ancient modalities and natural healing techniques and therapies like Ayurveda, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and more.

Our Team  

Poonam Kaur Mitra 
My Name is Poonam Mitra mother, a fashion designer, philanthropist, holistic practitioner, interfaith minister, spiritual counselor, and guide. I am blessed every day to touch lives and assist people who are going through struggles, blockages, depression, and trauma from past and present life experiences.

I work with them in divine light and love, help them move towards love and compassion for themselves and others as they are able to connect with their higher self and are able to function with the blueprint of their soul and their soul's mission.

Each day is an opportunity for me to learn and teach. As I move in my spiritual journey, it opens up doors to different truths of life, unified field of love, and universal principles and how it starts to work with us as we embrace these principles in our day to day lives.

I want to thank you for allowing me to do what I love doing and am passionate about. Your love and trust in me helps me move in higher vibration of healing and which help me hold light for you as you start to resolve your issues and put you in higher vibration to heal yourself. I am happy to walk on my soul journey and love the work I do.

I hold group and one-to-one sessions for Crystal reading, Soul retrieval, Marconic -5D energy healing, stone therapy Chakra healing and alignment, I Am mediation, house blessings, spiritual mentoring and guidance.

Circle of Life Soul Center came in existence  with a vision and mission to serve humanity with love and light and to make a difference in our community by bringing in ancient modalities and health practices so we can assist people living holistic, healthier, and natural lifestyles.

We have a team of experienced and gifted holistic practitioners who will work with you to assist  you in reaching your holistic and spiritual health and lifestyle goals.

Thank you!

Love and Light

Poonam Mitra

Scott Erickson - Scott is passionate about holistic health and well being of the people in his community. He is a Reiki  practitioner, Marma therapist, and Ayurvedic Food and Nutritionist. 

Fred Salzman - Fred's background began with achieving a B.S. in Medical Technology from Bloomsburg University in PA. He has been practicing Chirology for over 6 years and is a ThetaHealing teacher and practitioner. His true passion is helping people. He loves to explore different options to create a more healthy, happy, and spiritual existence for himself and those around him.